Meet the Staff


John Krajnovich


John Krajnovich is our General Sales Manager, and he's been with Fair Oaks Ford Lincoln for 32 years. A Naperville native, he has served the community as past President of the Naperville Exchange Club and chairman of the Naperville Ribfest. A devoted Blackhawks and Cubs fan, he's often found at a sporting event when not at work. John is well-known for fair-minded, steady leadership, and his tenure at Fair Oaks speaks to his accomplishment in being a stellar example for those who work under him.

It is our honor to have John leading the Fair Oaks team. There is no one like him, and we're appreciative of his dedication to our local community and his employees.

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Mark Benakovich

General Manager

Mark Benakovich is our General Manager, and we are better for his tremendous leadership. Mark has been with Fair Oaks for 26 years and has worked in every position in the dealership. His breadth of knowledge is incredible, and we depend heavily on his common-sense approach to solving any issues that arise. When not at work, Mark spends his time working out, playing basketball, and riding his Harley.

As one of our most senior leaders, Mark is an enormous asset to Fair Oaks. He excels in problem-solving and providing excellent customer service. We look forward to many more years with Mark leading our service team.

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Chris  Policarpio

Sales Manager

Chris Policarpio is one of our Sales Managers, and he's been with Fair Oaks for three years. Chris is certified by both Lincoln and Ford, and the most rewarding part of his job is making his customer happy. In his free time, Chris is a musician, a professional wrestling junkie, and an avid collector.

Chris brings an incredible amount of product knowledge to the table, and is known for going above and beyond to please his customers. We are so pleased that he chooses to lend his knowledge and passion to our team. 

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Dan Santoro

Used Car Manager

Dan Santoro is our Used Car Manager, and he's been with us for five years. Most of his career has been in the car industry, and that passion bleeds over to his personal life. He is an avid car enthusiast, and spends quite a bit of time on the track racing his own vehicles. With both a Lincoln and Ford certification under his belt, he knows our cars both inside and out.

Dan is a familiar face at the front desk of our dealership, and it's our sincere pleasure to count him among one of our own.

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Steve Squillo

Finance Manager

Steve Squillo is our Finance Manager, and he's been with the dealership a little less than a year. An industry veteran, he started in sales and worked his way into finance, so he's well versed in many aspects of the dealership process. During his time off, he spends time with his wife and four children, cheering on the Blackhawks.

We're so pleased to have Steve as part of the Fair Oaks team. He offers customers not only a wealth of knowledge, but also an unmatched experience in finance and customer service. 

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Matthew Kramer

Finance Manager

Matthew Kramer is one of our Finance Managers, and he's been with Fair Oaks just under a year. He's been in the car business for three years now, and is a natural fit in our finance department. In his free time, he spends time with his girlfriend and cheering on Michigan State college football. Our customers rave about his practical approach to the most complicated transactions, and he brings a wealth of knowledge to his position.

We're a better team for having Matthew with us. We appreciate his dedication to doing the best for our clients.

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Craig Holsman

Internet Manager

Craig Holsman is our incredible Internet Manager, and his accolades and accomplishments are unmatched. He's been the number one Ford salesman for the region for nine years running, and we're closing in on his tenth. A true Southern gentleman and avid gardener, Craig lives in Aurora with his wife and four children. After 21 years in the business, he knows the brand inside and out. His reviews are always stellar and focus upon his no-pressure approach to sales.

We are fortunate to count Craig among our most senior team members, and we look forward to many more years with him at the helm of our internet sales division.
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Clint Schreiber


Clint Schreiber is our Truck Manager, and there's nothing he doesn't know about our products.  He professes to know a "little bit about everything". We think he's too humble!  Over the last 41 years, Clint has worked for only two dealerships.  He's been selling Fords since 1976, when his first ever sale was a Ford Maverick for $3615.   He's been with Fair Oaks for the last eleven years, and we're lucky to have him.   Clint lives in St. Charles with his wife Jodi. An avid rider of dirt bikes and Chicago sports fan, he's no stranger to excitement.

Clint is a true asset to Fair Oaks, and his encyclopedic knowledge of Ford and Lincoln products make him one of our most valued salespeople.
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Pam Hammersmith

Sales & Leasing Expert

Pam Hammersmith is one of the most formidable salespeople at Fair Oaks Ford Lincoln. She's been here for six years, and has been an asset to us since the beginning. A native of Bellwood, she happily shares her home with her dog Lincoln. No surprise where that name came from!

Pam is a second-generation salesperson, and has an incredible warmth that instantly puts her customers at ease. It is our sincere honor to have her as part of our sales team.
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Brandon Caudill


Brandon Caudill has been with Fair Oaks a little under a year, and is a valuable asset to our team. He is both Lincoln and Ford certified in product knowledge, and knows our vehicles inside and out. An avid sports fan, he spends much of his free time taking in games with his fiancé. If you ask Brandon what his favorite part of his job is, he'll tell you that it's interacting with customers and helping them find precisely what they're looking for. He excels in both of those areas, and we're glad to have him at Fair Oaks!
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Jose Santiago

Serafin Castelan


Serafin Castelan is the four-time winner of the Employee Excellence award, and has spent most of his career in the car industry. A thirteen-year veteran of Fair Oaks Ford Lincoln, he speaks fluent Spanish and is an unmatched asset to our team. A devoted soccer player, he can be found on the field playing defense whenever he's not at work. With certifications in both Lincoln and Ford product knowledge, Serafin is an expert on our vehicles.

It is our honor to have Serafin as part of our team. He genuinely loves what he sells, and that respect shows in his every customer interaction.
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Dan Buzdugan

Lincoln Sales

Dan Buzdugan is one of our not-so-secret weapons as a Lincoln brand champion with Black Label certification.  He's worked with Lincoln since 2012 and has been with Fair Oaks a little under two years. His product knowledge is top to bottom on every Lincoln vehicle, and our customers rave about him. In his time off, he enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters, cooking, and going to the gym. Fluent in English, Romanian, and Russian, Dan is able to help a wide range of customers get into their ideal vehicle.

Dan counts the Lincoln MKC as his favorite vehicle, and we count Dan as one of the most formidable salespeople on our team. We are fortunate to have Dan here at Fair Oaks.
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Gio Pina


Gio Pina is a certified Ford and Lincoln specialist, and is a tremendous example of the work ethic that drives all of the employees at Fair Oaks. Having begun as a porter and working his way through the ranks to sales, there is no aspect of the business he doesn't know. Fluent in Spanish, Gio lives in Aurora and spends his free time rooting for the White Sox, bowling, working out, and bicycling.

Gio has been with Fair Oaks for three years now, and has an unmatched knowledge base when it comes to our vehicles. We are incredibly fortunate to have him as part of our team.
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Joe Mayer

Assistant Service Manager

Joe Mayer is our Service Manager, and he's been with the dealership for 12 years. A dedicated leader in our service department, the best part of his job is his interaction with customers and coworkers. In his free time, he spends time with his wife and kids or hits the golf course for a little relaxation. Joe has a service-minded, practical mentality that makes him a customer favorite.

It is our pleasure to have Joe as part of the Fair Oaks team. His dedication to his customers is unmatched, and we're better because of his hard work. 

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Mark Sciulli

Service Writer

Mark Sciulli is one of our excellent service writers, and he's been with Fair Oaks for 9 years. He's a steady, knowledgeable force among our team, and we're fortunate to have him. When not at work, he's a golfer, an avid woodworker, and he enjoys cooking and a good cocktail. He counts his co-workers and customers as the best part of his job, and that sentiment is returned by all who know him.

Mark is one of our MVPs, and we're so glad to have him as part of the Fair Oaks family. 

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Frank Luciano

Service Writer

Frank Luciano has been with Fair Oaks since 1990, and is one of our incredible service writers. As a longtime member of the Fair Oaks team, he provides an unmatched customer experience and brings a phenomenal amount of knowledge to his position. Fluent in both Spanish and English, he can offer a superior experience to all of our clients. In his free time, he spends time with family.

It is our distinct pleasure to have Frank as part of the Fair Oaks team. His warmth and dedication to his job make him a customer favorite, and we're honored that he chooses to lend his talents to our team. 

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Dave Wargo

Service Writer

Dave Wargo is more well-known around our dealership as THE Dave Wargo, and for good reason. He's been with Ford and Lincoln for 42 years, and that longevity is his favorite part of his job. He helped you with your car when you were 20, 30, 40, and now he's helping your kids with their cars. That's a special kind of continuity you don't see everywhere. In his spare time, Dave is passionate about 60's muscle cars, rebuilding and restoring them to their former beauty.

Dave is an integral part of Fair Oaks Ford Lincoln. As one of our most senior team members, he brings a great sense of humor and a common-sense approach to problem solving for our customers. We're honored to have him, and look forward to many more years of his excellent leadership.  

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Anthony Collins

Service Writer

Anthony Collins has been a service writer for Fair Oaks for five years, and we can't imagine the dealership without him. If you ask him his favorite part of his job, it is, much as everyone says, his co-workers and his customers. Anthony excels in customer service and knowledgeable problem-solving. In his free time, he plays goalie for a soccer team, and enjoys comics and cooking.

Anthony brings a wealth of information to his position, and is always able to help his customers keep costs low and satisfaction high. We're pleased that he chooses to lend his talents to our team and look forward to many more years with Anthony at Fair Oaks.  

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